Thursday, December 18, 2008

Weekly Scoop

I've been a bit lax in my posting the last couple days but I assure you it's not because I'm lounging around sipping away on my hot cocoa ;). And it's been 70 degrees the last 2 days and again today so not exactly hot cocoa weather - at this rate I'm going to have to will that big o' tub of hot cocoa to someone.

I've been busy retrieving cat toys ;), making and packing several last minute orders I've received, making trips to the PO, taking care of all the "kids", cleaning this house from top to bottom because I can't function properly if things aren't clean and trying to wrap up some last minute prepartions for Christmas next week. I can't believe it's almost here! "Slow as Christmas" is absolutely inapplicable these days - I swear it gets here faster and faster every year! Aside from that I have Dan's school's graduation tonight and the staff Christmas party get together afterwards at Depalma's - yummy Italian food! That always makes for a good time because we do the White Elephant gift exchange where everyone brings a gift valued around $10 and you draw numbers, choose a gift or steal a gift from someone else based on your draw. We ended up with a bird feeder last year - which I loved - but someone else ended up with a used candle. The year before we had some sort of musical snowman that played the piano... shhh! Don't tell anyone but I have no idea where that thing is now. Hopefully I'll have good news on gift front to share tomorrow. And now that I've reminded myself I need to get in there and wrap our gift for the party... I can't tell you what it is because someone might read this that will be there tonight and ruin the surprise! ;) And I need to go get cracking on two more orders that have to go out first thing in the morning too!

Hope you're about ready for the big day next week! Happy Thursday! =)

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