Friday, March 14, 2008


So this is where I spent the day yesterday - on top of Blood Mountain in the North East Georgia mountains =). The weather here has been so nice and spring like the last few days that I just had a mad case of spring fever and couldn't take it anymore! Especially since the forecast is for rain this weekend. So me, Dan and Debbie (our pooch) loaded up in the truck and headed for the hills for a little day hike and now I'm paying it for this morning! But it's back to "work" for me today! Hope spring time finds you soon if it hasn't already! =)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Newest Addition

So this is Jackson the newest member of our little homestead =). He just appeared one day on the carport of my friend Michelle's house. Apparently word must have gotten out that she's good at finding kitties new homes because they keep finding their way to her doorstep!
He's made himself right at home here the last two weeks and his favorite past time is trying to catch my fish through the glass. The fish have figured out he can't get to them so now they swim by and taunt him - it's too bad I don't have a video camera because it's quite funny!

And obviously I have been slacking on updating my blog so I'm trying to get back at it! I've had quite a bit going on over the last few months!
My parents moved over the holidays. They finally sold their old home to the GA DOT =( - see my previous post about eminent domain, found a new home and moved in over Thanksgiving weekend. So we were back and forth between here and Rome (a 2 hour drive) ALOT over the holidays! Dan had a bout with the flu followed by Bronchitis so I had to baby him for a bit ;), we took a little weekend get-away trip to the Smoky Mountains in Jan and we've been actively searching for a bigger piece of land to possibly build a new home on one day. Add all that to the normal routine of taking care of our little farm and all the critters and it turns into quite a busy few months! And now I'm excited to announce I will be opening a second shop on Etsy in the next couple of weeks to share some of my gemstone goodies with everyone! So be on the lookout for updates and when to come visit me at jNicLoft to take a peek at some of the goodies I've been stashing away!