Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blue skies again!

The rain has finally stopped! And as I was walking to the mailbox I couldn't help but notice how beautiful it was to see the little blue sky peeking out from behind the clouds. So I thought I'd share it =)... Is it just me or does that field not make you want to take off skipping through it? I guess the party's over because the cows are home. I haven't seen them for a couple of days or Buster either. Hope he's ok and his little self didn't get washed away.
And I stopped working to get up and see what all the loud chirping outside was about. I look out the window and our entire field and the neighbor's too had been taken over by thousands of black birds. I guess they were making a pit stop on their flight further south. But they're the reason I ended up taking a little break to get the mail and share these photos with you =).


  1. And I spoke too soon... it's raining again! =/

  2. Well, we got a total of 2" of snow! Yee Haw!