Friday, December 12, 2008

Moon Shine!

Tonight is the biggest and brightest full moon to be seen in 15 years so be sure to get out and take a peek at it! The next time the moon will be this close won't be until 2016!
It was positively lighting up my house this morning when I awoke to let Debbie out. I thought someone had left a light on! And it should be clear as a bell tonight so hopefully I can get some great photos and share them tomorrow =).
Have a great weekend!


  1. I saw it coming up over the Sandia Mountains (in New Mexico) last night and it was amazing!

  2. It was sooooo bright this morning, with the snow! Tonight or tomorrow night there are also going to be meteor showers.

  3. I bet that was beautiful Angela!
    And I know! Can't wait for the meteor showers! I'm such a geek ;) Snow would be nice too!

  4. Awesome! Hopefully, it will still be bright tonight so we can go on a midnight hike.