Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Apparently whatever I had last week was contagious to computers. It decided to get sick Sunday night right before Cyber Monday. I just had to laugh because honestly what are the odds of that happening on the busiest online shopping day of the year and in conjunction with my first ever sale? In the 15 or so years I've owned a computer I've never had one contract a virus before. I guess you could have called me lucky up until Sunday night. So after multiple phone calls with lengthy conversations with folks at AOL, Dell and Microsoft and multiple several hour computer scans it's still sick. I guess we'll be taking it into the computer hospital this weekend. Thankfully I have a laptop otherwise I'd be up the creek without a paddle as they say!

I almost felt like I was back at my days as a head of store working retail on Black Friday. It seemed like whatever could go wrong on that day usually did. I always tried to have back up plans but when the computers and registers crash on that day and you have to write every receipt up by hand and key everything in later... well there's just no plan in the world good enough to keep things running smoothly then! Oh I could tell some tales about managing a high volume/high traffic store on the day after Thanksgiving... like the time someone decided to use the floor as a restroom (and I'm not talking about a little tinkle either - and I cleaned it up because I just couldn't bring myself to ask someone else to) or the customer throwing a shoe and hitting one of our sales clerks in the head or the old man walking down the side of the road dressed only in ladies underwear that I passed at 4am on my way into work the last Black Friday I worked ;)... yes I'll take computers with viruses on Cyber Monday any time!

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