Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Inside Scoop

Today is all about finishing up some new pieces I'm working on and making pecan pies for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner! Yummy!

I'll be listing a couple of new pieces at special prices ($8-$10) valid for 3 days only starting this Sunday - then the prices go back up on Wednesday! In conjuction I'll be having my first official "Sale" in my jewelry shop. Stop by Sunday to see what the sale is!

In the meantime here's my recipe for Pecan Pies if you'd like to try it!

Happy Turkey Day everyone since I won't see you tomorrow! I'll be traveling to the Blue Ridge Mountains w/ my pecan pies to visit the family =).


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Where are you going in the Blue Ridge Mountains? That's where I live! I live in Transylvania County :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Georgia! Beautiful photo of the pecans.

  3. I LOVE the Blue Ridge mountains too! I'm jealous Kathy! You're from New Orleans and you live in the Blue Ridge mountains! Lucky gal you are! I went up to Fannin County, Ga - Blue Ridge/Ellijay - the foothills =).
    And Happy Thanksgiving to you too Tennessee! =)

  4. Believe me, visiting New Orleans & living there are two totally different perspectives! I actually lived in Baton Rouge {about an hour away} I'm glad I don't live there any more. But I do kinda miss the food!