Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Inside Scoop

More sterling silver coming to the little Loft shop next week! Including square lobster clasps, satellite chain, larger size spring rings (which are hard to come by), rubber earring back clutches and the ever elusive disc chain. I had the toughest time finding a supplier that kept the sterling disc chain in stock on a regular basis but I found one at my last wholesale show so I just ordered a ton - and at a really good price too!

If anyone ever has any requests for gems or sterling supplies I always welcome them!

Have a happy Wednesday! =)


  1. Don't you know that if you hang a horseshoe upside down, all the luck runs out! That's what an old timer told me.

  2. Hmm... I've never heard that one! I have 4 horsehoes hanging "upside down" on my barn... they must've been full of luck because they haven't quite run out yet. Maybe I need to turn them around though! Don't want to push it ;)