Monday, April 13, 2009

Free hoops anyone?

Then hop on over to Stacie Vaughan's blog to read a little interview about me and enter the give away! Good luck! And happy Monday! =)


  1. Beautiful hoops and I LOVE the photo!

  2. I love your hoops and what I have seen and the earrings I bought from you jenn - I wear them and they bring me great joy!
    Wonderful work and have done a super job...I need to get something soon..
    Take care jenn and glad to read about u and ur life here and of course our man Dan, the coolest boss i have had...keep on loving each other and that is what life is all about...
    Jaya xxx

  3. Jenn, I have seen some beautiful earrings that i am really tempted..the lonely hearts with closed clasp at the back and if ever u were feeling creative and would make me something with an om scribbled there as is the heart and may be a tad longer would be perfect for my liking..let's talk about this..and i will purchase..I must note that ur creativity is stunning to see and i appreciate it immensely...and have gratitude for it..have u thought of coming here to sell your wares at the Fringe fest in Aug, an annual event and is 10 days long..ur jewellery would be gobbled up and i would get to see both Dan and u, perhaps Dan would have school then but you could come...let me know and I can look into that for you..Take care of ur family - love ur brood!