Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Shrapnel

Living on a piece of property that was once a cow pasture and the home to an old farm shed I find some pretty interesting things just walking around our yard where the chickens have been scratching.
Like this warped, beat up old spoon - random.
And this very dangerous rusty old saw blade that I found (by almost stepping on it) nearly completely buried except for the still very sharp edges just poking up out of the soil! Thank goodness for Tetanus shots ;)
Last week I found quite the collection of broken bottles and ceramic pieces. Who knows what will turn up this week.
And speaking of random this guy has taken to flying over our house quite low in his little powered parachute thingy about once a month and scaring the bejeezus out of my critters.
I heard this really loud buzzing airplane/go kart noise and looked out to see my horses and goats running for their lives so I threw on my boots ran out the door and caught him buzzing over the pasture next door. I walked around the yard picking up the random shrapnel as I waited to see if he would come back. He didn't return. I'd like to ask him to please not buzz so close over my barn - my horses are old and they don't need that kind of stress ;).

Until next time... =)


  1. Love the spoon~ I love tilling up old pieces of the past. Or arrowheads!
    We have a guy with an ultralite that flies around here. Althea looks up at it like "huh"?

  2. Finding old things is really neat. I have been digging up broken glass for 10 yrs in my yard....must have had some wild parties back in the day..LOL!
    Next time don't put the boots on take them and throw them at that guy...kidding.
    Sorry to hear about your finger too :(