Monday, March 9, 2009

A week later....

It's spring! It's hard to believe just a week ago we had nearly 7 inches of snow on the ground and this weekend it was 79 degrees! We spent the entire weekend working out in our yard clearing away all the branches that had fallen, raking all the little prickly balls from our Sweetgum trees and getting the spot for our little vegetable garden ready and I have the calluses to prove it - ouch!
Preparing our garden site was a family event and here some of the ladies are helping us spread our "organic" matter around and adding a bit more of their own ;). They had a regular little chicken buffet going on here with all the worms and larvae they were finding.
Thelma and Louise were supervising the activities and making sure no one went out the gate that wasn't suppose to while we made trips back and forth to the compost pile.

Mandy had to come poke her nose in to see what was going on =).

And this is Golly's big mouth. You can't carry on a conversation anywhere near him otherwise he thinks you're talking to him and he likes to talk back. ALOT. And very loudly too. ;)
And I just had to add this picture of Thelma and Louise because they're so darn cute and they look like little abominable snow chickens.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. All of your critters are cute, but I am in LOVE with Thelma and Louise!

  2. Love the pictures! I wish I had more room for more animals:( We haven't been that warm yet. We has a foot of snow last Monday and made it into the 60's this weekend but now we are back down to 40...ugh! Good news is my girls have been pecking aroung the compost pile too, must mean the bugs are coming back and I just saw 5 robins in my yard this morning!!!! Yea!! Thanks for stopping by ;)

  3. I so envy you!! I did just get 6 baby chicks but I want more animals! Love your property!!

  4. Thanks everyone!.. I'm kinda in love w/ Thelma and Louise too ;)
    And I hope this little snowstorm we had last week did away w/ a few bugs because they were terrible around here last year!
    I'm hoping I'll have some baby chicks this spring too.. but some I don't have to raise! Hopefully I can talk one of my girls into becoming a momma ;)

  5. I'm so looking forward to spring, but we've got a bit more winter left in the northeast. I'm originally a Georgia girl, and do miss it.

  6. Those chickens just made me laugh! Too cute! My little boy will love these pics. He's now an official "chicken farmer."

  7. Ha! You need to tell him he can come help me =). I bet he'd be just about the right size for Thelma and Louise to perch on ;)