Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold Sunrise!

Even though the sun looks warm and toasty coming up over the hill off my front porch this morning it's definitely deceptive! It was 14 degrees when I woke up! Now I know that some of you northern folks are thinking "That's nothing - that'd be a heat wave here!" but you have to remember that's the coldest temperature we've seen around here in 6 years! So I had to bundle myself up to go feed all the "kiddos" this morning and I'm about to have my 3rd cup of coffee to thaw out!
Thelma and Louise have become my "house chickens" because it's just too cold outside for them and they're still not quite 8 weeks old yet. And honestly I enjoy their company and their little chatter during the day ;). There are several people who think I'm just a little looney for keeping chickens inside (I won't name any names but "hi" mom) and maybe I am ;). Maybe I'll just tell everyone they're a new breed of parrot and no one would think twice about them being indoors ;).
Hope you're staying warm!


  1. Trust me, I don't think you are looney at all!! I have 13 chickens and if they were babies they would ALL be in the house too. They have their own heater in the coup! LOL. It is too cold out there for them, so the best thing to do is bring them in. Aren't they just the best animals? I love how they all have a different personality! If you have time take a look at my blog, you will see some of them! Keep warm!

  2. Those are the CUTEST chickens ever! I am in love. Stay warm!

  3. Thelma and Louise and just beautiful. Someday I hope to live somewhere that enables me to have animals like that. Your life on the farm sounds great!!!

  4. I love that you let Thelma and Louise in the house during the cold. I live in Seattle and did the same during our December Arctic Blast, glad to know I'm not alone! I can't wait to see the silkies grow up, they're too cute :)

  5. Thanks everyone =)! Yep these are my babies although I'm starting have doubts that Thelma is actually a Thelma.. I think she may be Theo o_O!
    We'll have to see how this one plays out...