Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Calling in sick to the Gem Show

Sadly I had to miss the gem show this time =(. I've been battling with a cold/flu bug since Sunday that Dan was nice enough to give to me (poor guy he's been battling it for about 10 days now) and I was trying my best to get well but it just didn't work. I thought that if I got plenty of rest and loaded up on Nyquil earlier in the week that I might be up to the trip today. Even though the show today is 3 hours shorter than yesterday's you can usually find pretty good deals on the last day if everything hasn't already been picked over. But as my alarm went off at 6am I realized that I'd probably need someone to drive me home (and carry me to the car) if I actually was able to stand up and walk around for 5 hours straight. So I'm pretty disappointed I didn't make it but there's always next time I suppose! And I still have everyone's requests in my little shopping log so I'll be sure to take them with me on my next trip.

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  1. Sorry to hear that, Jenn. That is a tough way to start your new year, and I hope you are feeling better quickly. Was also looking forward to checking out your excess goodies as well as your new creations, so get well soon!