Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Eminent Domain Stinks!

So I'll probably be taking a week off here pretty soon to help my parents move. It seems they may have finally come to an agreement with the GA DOT in regards to buying their house so they can build a highway. Their home was built in 1927, sits on 8 acres on the top of a mountain, is surrounded by huge old maple and magnolia trees and is really a lovely setting. And this road is scheduled to go right through the middle of it =(. They've had this hanging over their heads now for nearly 15 years and honestly I'm glad it's about to finally be over. Ironically they bought another piece of property about 10 years ago to build on when they had to move and the DOT changed it's plans about 5 years ago and now the road is scheduled to go through the middle of that piece of property too! What are the odds? But on a brighter note they said they have found the house of their dreams and they put in a contract on it last week. Now let's just hope the DOT keeps up their end of the deal. We'll see.
To be continued...


  1. I hope everything works out for your family! I used to live in Thomson, GA. We lived with my former in-laws at the highest point in the county with huge trees and ponds on 30 something acres. I can imagine the beauty of your parents' home! I miss Georgia.

  2. Tennessee took 1/10 of a mile off my driveway to build a state highway where once only a dirt road stood. It broke my heart to think that I'd have to pull out of my mile long driveway onto a highway. Even though I loved my place and part of my heart is still there, I knew I could never be happy there after the road came through. I went back a time or two to see it and almost threw up.

    I hope your parents find happiness in their new place~

  3. Thank you both so much =)! I'm hoping they'll be happy in their new home too but I'm really not looking forward to going back home where I spent many years of my life and seeing a highway going through the middle of it =(. But at least I'll always have good memories.

  4. You've got to be kidding! I mean, I know you're not but that's crazy, Jenn. Both pieces of property??

    Not to be nosy but I've always wondered how that stuff works. Did the state pay market value for the property? Man, that really does stink. I can't imagine any amount of money that would make it ok for them to plow down your home.

  5. It does stink Jamie and my parents have been going back and forth with the DOT for months now about the price. The crazy thing is is that they won't give you the full amount unless you buy property that is equal to the property they are buying which is nuts! You should be able to move into a trailer if you want so they have added these stipulations that my parents must buy a house that costs X amount or they start deducting money. And the original amount they offered my parents wasn't even close to the value of some of other property that sold near by recently. So my parents told them what they wanted for their property and it's currently in the process of being reviewed by the DOT in Atlanta. Hopefully they'll hear back soon because my parents are getting very frustrated. And who could blame them? They've been dealing with this for nearly 15 years!