Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chickens with shoes

Some of our friends dropped by this past weekend with their 2 little girls to visit the rooster ,Gerry, they donated to our little farm a couple of weeks ago (I can't believe some folks don't like to be woke up at 5:30am by roosters crowing;)! )
So anyway their oldest daughter, Lola who is 5, is bending over and inspecting all the chicken's feet when she finally pops up and says "Miss jenn why do your chickens have shoes on?". I couldn't stop giggling to answer her and as she was giggling too she said "You think it's funny too that your chickens wear shoes?" and I said "Yes I do. They must have went to the store when I wasn't looking and bought shoes!" At which point she informed me I was silly ;)


  1. That's a gorgeous chicken. I love unusual breeds.
    The next time I have chickens I'm going to get the ones that have a pile of feathers on their head. I can't remember the name, but an old farmer friend of mine used to call them hippie chickens. :)

  2. Ha! I love it - hippie chickens! You should get a Golden or a white crested Black Polish. They have huge tufts of feathers on their heads and they remind me of Tina Turner ;)
    That's Ms Fatty Pants in the photo and she's a Light Brahma - some of the sweetest chickens ever =)

  3. Cute story. My neighbor friend has chicken and roosters. She named the loudest rooster "Mr. Earl E. Rooster" but my husband calls him "Mr. 5:15".