Sunday, September 2, 2007

And the madness begins...

So my normally calm, collected husband turns into a raging maniac for several months of the year with the start of football season. Specifically University of Georgia football. Using the term "obsessed" is an understatement. He can't sleep, he's worse than a child at Christmas and he keeps threatening to tackle something, i.e. me! We both graduated from UGA but I had never even attended a football game my entire college career - I was too busy studying (otherwise being nerdy ;). And he hasn't missed a game since something like 1982. I came out to find my truck decorated with various magnets, flags and other random UGA items yesterday morning and did I mention he left yesterday morning at 7am for a game that didn't start until 6:45pm? (We only live 20 minutes away from the stadium in case you were wondering). Yes he's nuts but I still love him ;)


  1. It's football time in Tennessee! We had the first UT game playing on the truck radio while we were camping last weekend.
    John's so excited because he goes to one game a year with a friend of his and this year they are box seats.
    Did I mention that I could care less about football?

  2. Oh goodness! I can relate! My husband goes to EVERY game whether it's here in Athens or Arkansas or even Arizona! Apparently we play Arizona in a few years and he's already looking into making reservations - I'm not kidding either!
    We'll both be in Knoxville for the TN game - maybe I'll see you there!