Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just because..

These are the cutest people ever and I could squish them all to bits so I had to share!
This is Dan, Debbie and Squiggs (aka Jackson) basking in the sunlight this past Sunday morning and I caught them in just the right moment when Debbie was laying a big, wet kiss right on Squiggs' face!
Dan is probably going to kill me for posting this on my blog since he has a bit of bed head and is in his snowman jammies but how could I not share this?! They're all so darn cute and I'm a lucky gal to be surrounded by all this adorableness (I think I just made up that word ;)!
Until next time... =)


  1. I can see this photo posted all over the school! It is a cute picture. :)

  2. LOL! I know! I did give him a bit of warning that I HAD to post that picture - how could you not?! ;)