Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Inside Scoop

I've added a few new yummy stones to the little loft shop today including these absolutely gorgeous Peridot octagons! They are perfectly eye clean and sure to please!
And these smooth, earthy Botswana Agate briolettes! Love these!
I may also add a few other new goodies including some stunning Chrome Diopside briolettes and Tsavorite Garnet smooth briolettes. I also have some rather lovely Peridot marquises too.. I went on a green shopping spree! I haven't quite made up mind though whether I want to share those or just be greedy and keep them all! ;)
You may have also noticed I've been doing a bit of remodeling in my shops. I've been re-working a few photos and cleaning up my shop announcement and sections. Just trying to tidy up a bit for spring!
Hope your Wednesday finds you well! =)

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