Thursday, May 13, 2010

New goodies!

I think I had way too much fun at the gem show last weekend and I've finally listed just about all of my treasures.. all of the ones that I'm willing to share anyway. I have to hoard some for myself you know ;).

Here are a few of my favorites - I absolutely adore these recycled African glass powdered beads! I also have them in Peacock blue and a mossy green shade.. I could stare at them all day!
And who doesn't love Moss Aquamarine w/ it's organic, characteristic inclusions of iron?
These are simply just mesmerizing! Stunning, flashy, rare Spectrolite (blue Labradorite) in a big free form nugget shape. I don't imagine these will last long!

Stop by and take a peek at all my new goodies!
And a little happy side note - Cooper, my former foster dog shown in the post below, found his new forever home! Yay! He is now living w/ a family of 5 that consists of 2 little boys and a little girl that just adore him! He couldn't pull himself away from the kids long enough to even tell me bye. I couldn't be happier for him but I do miss his little crooked tooth grin hanging around the 'lil farm!

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  1. Those are gorgeous! Glad Cooper found a home. Maybe Leroy Brown will be so lucky. I think he really just longs to be someone's little lap dog.