Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fresh Start

Blue skies ahead! It has been pretty apparent that I have been on hiatus the past several months but I have found my creative motivation again. And it's all thanks to words of encouragement from someone that recently entered my life. It's just amazing what impact a few choice words can have on your outlook and I am thankful for their inspiration.
As some of you know and many don't, I am in the process of finalizing a divorce. And if you've been through this situation (which honestly I hope you haven't) you know it takes alot out of you physically, mentally and emotionally. It was as if the life were drained right out of me. But as the seasons change and the trees shed their leaves preparing to start fresh again in the spring, I too am shedding the old and looking forward to the fresh start that lies ahead!
And I thank you all very much for your support whether it was a kind word you sent, a thought or maybe a purchase from one of my shops - it was, and is, very much appreciated!


  1. fresh starts and new beginnings...i have been through that situation and i know how incredibly difficult it is....physically, mentally and is all divorce happened when i was 22 years old...i am now 45, today as a matter of fact, and i still remember those feelings...thankfully, i met my soul mate and we have been together for 17 years and married for just about 15 of them with two beautiful boys...if there is are any words of encouragement that i could offer, it would be to take one day at a time...breath...allow yourself to will survive this...
    all my hugs to you right now...jules