Sunday, October 21, 2007

We're corny and we know it!

It just wouldn't be October without pumpkins and corn mazes so we hopped in the truck today and headed to Dawsonville to Buck's Corn Maze and Burt's Pumpkin Patch!
Here I am being corny =)

And here's corny Dan =)

So we're off to a good start in the corn maze with only one wrong turn so far... I have the worst sense of direction in the universe so this would probably be the worst idea ever if Dan wasn't with me!

As we're wandering through the corn maze I spot some shucked corn on the ground and I tell Dan "Look! There's an ear of corn!" and his response was "Oh wow! Imagine that! Corn in a corn field!" Ok Mr. Smarty Pants! I was trying to point it out so that if we get lost and pass by that spot again we have a point of reference =P

So yea the buzzards were circling just waiting for us to get lost but they were out of luck today because I had Dan and a map! We made it out in only an hour and a half! And if I ever mysteriously vanish in October please tell the search parties to check the corn fields in North GA first!

I love me some big 'ole pumpkins so we had to stop by Burt's so I could oh and ah over all the monstrous pumpkins lying around and give a couple of them a hug ;). I didn't bring this guy home with me but I opted instead for some of his smaller relatives and some pumpkin bread of course. All in all it was a wonderful October day and I hope you had a good one too!


  1. I missed the corn maze but I was at Burt's Pumpkin Patch a few weeks ago. Did you try the pumpkin roll with the cream cheese filling? Yummmmmy!

  2. NO! How did I miss that? Oh my gosh that sounds yummy! I wanted a pumpkin pie but they had sold out. I'm having pumpkin bread this morning with my coffee and it's as good as it smells! Yum!

  3. I need to learn to use labels on my blog posts. The post about Burt's is in my September archives titled Exploring.

    If you happen to make it back up there, they sell the pumpkin rolls by the slice and by the log. The first time I went, I bought a slice. It was so good, I went back with a friend and we split the log.

    Beautiful drive up there. Same with Suches. You'll recognize the spot in my photos as it's only about 1/4 mile from the few stores in Suches.

  4. Wonerful pictures and great post! It made me laugh out loud. Now I have to rummage through the freezer to find last years pumpkin, so I can bake something.
    ((waves to Jamie)).