Friday, July 13, 2007

My first Inspiration

I'm often asked how and when I got started making jewelry so I thought I'd share my very first inspiration. It was these little flowers that you'll find growing in almost every little patch of clovers. I was in 4th grade and I started out playing in the clover patches during recess looking for 4 leaf clovers but my attention was quickly caught by the cute little flowers that the honeybees seemed to love so much. I started tying the end of the stems from one flower up under the flower portion of the next...I made short necklaces, really long necklaces, bracelets.. a piece for every girl in my class including my teacher, Mrs. Nash, who more than once had to come and get me and drag me inside because I wasn't finished with my "projects" just yet. I had to repeat the process nearly daily because by the next day my previous day's projects would be brown and wilted so it was on going battle I was determined to fight!
So here I am nearly 25 years later doing what I love! I'll have to see if I can find some of my "vintage" pieces from the 80's that I made during high school to share on my next post if you promise not to laugh... they're HUGE and it was the 80's ;)


  1. What a cute story. It's great that you can do what you love--and do it so well!! :)

  2. You were more industrious than us... we just pretended to be bunnies and sometimes (I can hardly believe it now) ate the clover... yikes.